A discolored dark root caused an unaesthetic smile. The right central incisor was carefully extracted and both the implant and abutment could be placed in one treatment. A painless procedure with a very satisfactory beautiful end result.

1. Initial situation: retracted smile, upper jaw

A retracted smile showing the right central incisor with crown and discolored brown root, unaesthetic position of the rest of the teeth with old crowns in the lateral parts.

2. Initial situation: retracted smile, upper & lower jaw

The patient doesn’t like her unaesthetic smile nor does she like the architecture of her teeth. She wants to have a nice and bright smile.

3. Removal of right central incisor

It is very important to extract the tooth without trauma of the boney situation. In this case immediate replacement with an implant was the projected treatment.

4. Immediate placement after extraction

After extraction of the hopeless central incisor, the ceramic zirconia implant is placed immediately, a glass fiber abutment is cemented and a temporary crown is placed; all done in the same appointment. This procedure is most of the time without swelling or discomfort.

5. Situation after 3 months

The situation after 3 months with perfect healthy tissues.

6. Lab work with veneers & crowns

Lab work showing the veneers and crowns on the model. A harmonious architecture is realized and predictably leading to a beautiful situation.

7. Final result

The final result after cementing the veneers and crowns, showing beautiful teeth in a harmonious architecture with perfect healthy tissues.

The final result

Beautiful esthetics:
Happy patient with a beautiful smile