In this case the right central incisor was lost because of external resorption. After a successful atraumatic extraction with sufficient torque, the implant and abutment could be placed immediately. Tissues already look healthy after a few weeks. And after a few years, the tissues look  healthy and beautiful, with the implant nicely integrated into the bone.

1. Initial situation: retracted photo

Due to a trauma in the past, the right central incisor is lost because of external resorption. The left central incisor and the lateral had also had root canal treatments. Beatrice complains about the discoloration or her teeth.

2. X-ray of initial situation

Note the defect of the right central incisor. It is important to act before the resorption takes away more bone.

3. Root extraction

With a special tool (Benex extractor) it is possible to extract the root atraumatically. Only if the socket is intact we can immediately implant. If the bone is compromised it’s better to delay the implantation.

4. Immediate placement

After the successful extraction of the tooth, the zirconia implant is placed with high torque (45 Ncm). If that torque level is reached, the glass fiber abutment and temporary crown can be placed immediately. The patient is happy if she can leave the office with an aesthetic solution.

5. Situation after 2 weeks

After two weeks the tissues look healthy and the patient didn’t have a lot of swelling or pain after the surgery. It is important to be very careful with the temporary situation because the implant still has to osseointegrate (grow into the bone).

6. Final situation after 3 years

Ideal aesthetics and the colour of the tissues are perfect. Full integration of the porcelain crowns. And very natural looking teeth.

The final result

Beautiful esthetics
The implant is nicely integrated in the bone and the outline of the crown is perfect. A happy patient with a beautiful smile.