This is the first clinical case done with a predecessor of our current implant, already back in 2003. The root was broken and needed to be replaced by an implant. The patient wanted a ceramic implant, which was still very novel at that time. A beautiful result and healthy tissue after a very short period. And even after 17 years a very natural and beautiful situation.

1. Initial sitiation (2003)

This patient Lisette came to the office because she had an ugly crown in the anterior region. After removal of the crown, a crack in the root appeared. So, the tooth was lost. She was a dental hygienist and knew the possibilities of replacement of this tooth. She did not want to have a bridge, she wanted an implant.

2. Zirconia implant in place

Lisette had heard of ceramic implants and wanted to have a zirconia implant. At that time, it was a very special treatment and not commonly done. So the root was extracted very carefully and a ceramic, soft tissue level implant placed immediately (6,5 x13mm). The patient left the office with a bonded bridge.

3. Glass fiber abutment

After uneventful healing Lisette came back after 4 months to make an impression for a final crown. Look at the beautiful tissue. The abutment is of glass fiber. The WI philosophy is to create a weakest link which is not the implant.

4. Final crown (2003)

The tissues are excellent and Lisette is very happy with both the white and pink aesthetics.

5. Sitiuation after 7 years

No recession of tissues. The crown still looks great.

Lisette 6-2010

6. After 7 years with black background

7. X-ray after 7 years

X-ray situation in 2010. No changes in bone levels are detected.

8. Situation after 17 years

Situation in 2020 after 17 years in function. No changes in tissue heights other than the normal physical changes after a 17 year period.

9. After 17 years with black background

The crown is still beautiful. Soft tissues haven’t changed but wear on other teeth is visible on this picture.

10. CBCT after 17 years

This CBCT shows that there is not al lot of bone in front of the implant but still it has not affected the outcome of the esthetical situation. No recession, no tissue changes. We think that this is possible because of the biocompatibility of the zirconia material.

The final result

Beautiful esthetics

Even after 17 years in function, a very beautiful and natural situation.