Due to a trauma in the past, the patient had an aesthetic issue above her left central incisor. This made her hesitate to smile. The root had to be removed and a zirconia implant was placed. Already after a short period, the gums looked healthy and natural. A beautiful aesthetic result.

1. Initial situation

Initial smile showing teeth and gums. Her left central incisor has to be removed because of a trauma in the past. External resorption of the root can be a problem years later. So care has to be taken because this is an aesthetically difficult situation. She says ‘she smiles a lot ‘ so that’s why she wants to have a beautiful solution.

2. Root extraction necessary

Initial retracted smile showing a very nice dentition with an unaesthetic crown at the left central incisor. Not only the crown had to be removed but also the root extracted because of former trauma. She was referred to our office because of the aesthetics. In this case we decided to place a ceramic, zirconia implant.

3. Implant insertion

The crown and root are a-traumatically removed and we are inserting the ceramic implant. We use sufficient torque, in order to create a stable and safe situation that gives the implant the possibility to grown into the bone. The color of the implant is very important for the esthetics. If in time the tissues get thinner there will not be a dark color above the crown.

4. Implant in place

The implant is in place. A soft tissue level implant, which means that bacterial products never touch the bone. This is ideal for the lifespan of the implant. If we have a stable situation with a good high torque (45 Ncm) we immediately place our fiber glass abutment and a temporary crown.

5. Final crown

Retracted situation after placement of the final crown after 4 months. Normally it takes 3 months to osseointegrate and then we can proceed with an impression and sending the work to the dental technician for a nice crown. Look at how natural the tissues look around the crown.

6. Smile with final crown

Patient smiling with the final crown. She is happy with the esthetics and dares to smile without hesitation. The gums are really healthy and the crown looks very natural.

7. Situation after 5 years

Situation after 5 years. Still a healthy natural situation. Impossible to see that an implant supports the beautiful crown.

8. Smile after 5 years

Her smile after 5 years. It’s not easy to see the crown in her mouth; beautiful aesthetics.

The final result

A perfect bone situation & beautiful esthetics
X-ray after 5 years & a happy patient showing a beautiful dentition.