Due to discoloration of both central incisor roots and tissue, after a root canal treatment in the past, this patient Annemiek hardly dared to smile anymore. Both roots could successfully be extracted and immediately replaced with our zirconia implants. Also the abutments could be placed immediately. Already very soon, the tissue looked natural and the darkish colour was completely gone.

1. Initial situation: aesthetic solution needed

Patient Annemiek came to my office for an aesthetic solution for her two central incisors. She has had an accident in the past. Two root canal treatments were done and two ceramic crowns were made.

2. Initial situation: retracted smile with discoloration

Note the discoloration of the roots and the tissue above the ceramic crowns. This colour is due to the discoloration that can happen after root canal treatment and post placement.

3. Dark colour above the crowns

Annemiek is very unhappy with her smile. The appearance of the darkish colour above her crowns is really a problem for her. She doesn’t dare to smile anymore.

4. X-ray of the central incisors

The x-ray of the two central incisors shows the failing root canal treatment and the large metal posts. Around the apices of the roots there is an inflammation process going on.

5. Atraumatic extraction

The treatment plan was to immediate extract the central incisors and if possible to replace them with two zirconia soft tissue level implants (White Implants 5x13mm). It is very important to do the extraction as atraumatic as possible. Only if the sockets are intact it is okay to immediately replace the central incisors by zirconia implants.

6. Immediate replacement and direct loading

After removing the teeth and clean out the sockets we placed the implants and because of the good stabilisation we also immediately placed the glass fiber abutments and the temporary crowns. Annemiek left the office 1,5 hour later with two nice acrylic crowns.

7. Situation after (only) one week

The situation after one week with the temporary crowns. Look at the tissue above the crowns. The darkish colour is already gone. She did not suffer any swelling or pain. This is due to the immediate procedure.

8. Situation after 3 months

Situation after 3 months before impression taking. The abutments are fine-tuned and the tissues look healthy and pink. The dark colour is completely gone.

The final result

A perfect bone situation & beautiful aesthetics.
Situation after 4 years of function. Beautiful pink tissues around the crowns. Really a nice and healthy outcome.