Beautiful smiles

Practically all of our clinical cases, since the very first one back in 2003, have been an aesthetic success and resulted in a beautiful smile. Also cases performed by less experienced doctors. Zirconia has proven to be a very ‘forgiving’ material. The overall success rate to date exceeds 95%.

Below are a number of selected clinical cases that should give a good impression of the beautiful and lasting end results that have been achieved. No matter whether the root had to be replaced because of a trauma, infection, discoloration or other reason. And also of the various treatment process steps and the fast perfect adaption of the zirconia material by the soft tissue and human body.

Selected clinical cases

First clinical case: left central incisor

This is the first clinical case done with a predecessor of our current implant, already back in 2003. The root was broken and needed to be replaced by an implant. The patient wanted a ceramic implant, which was still very novel at that time. A beautiful result and healthy tissue after a very short period. And even after 17 years a very natural and beautiful situation.

Left central incisor removal after trauma

Due to a trauma in the past, the patient had an aesthetic issue above her left central incisor. This made her hesitate to smile. The root had to be removed and a zirconia implant was placed. Already after a short period, the gums looked healthy and natural. A beautiful aesthetic result.

Double incisor: retracted smile with discoloration of the roots and tissue

Due to discoloration of both central incisor roots and tissue, after a root canal treatment in the past, this patient Annemiek hardly dared to smile anymore. Both roots could successfully be extracted and immediately replaced with our zirconia implants. Also the abutments could be placed immediately. Already very soon, the tissue looked natural and the darkish colour was completely gone.

Right central incisor: discolored brown root

A discolored dark root caused an unaesthetic smile. The right central incisor was carefully extracted and both the implant and abutment could be placed in one treatment. A painless procedure with a very satisfactory beautiful end result.

Right central incisor lost due to external resorption

In this case the right central incisor was lost because of external resorption. After a successful atraumatic extraction with sufficient torque, the implant and abutment could be placed immediately. Tissues already look healthy after a few weeks. And after a few years, the tissues look  healthy and beautiful, with the implant nicely integrated into the bone.