Zirconia implants

After years of functioning in the mouth, the hard and soft tissue around an implant will change and the tissue may get thinner. This is a common physiological phenomenon. Consequently, a titanium implant can give an ugly grey shadow through the tissue. A white, zirconia implant, however, doesn’t have this problem. Even if the tissue gets thinner, it will still be an aesthetic success.

For this reason, zirconia implants should be preferred. Especially in the visible aesthetic zone. But also because of possible allergies against metal in the mouth. Some time ago there was still uncertainty about the long-term performance and safety, but there have already been sufficient clinical results and literature studies supporting that zirconia is at least an equally suitable dental implant material as titanium.

Furthermore, a zirconia implant in general requires less surgical treatments to achieve a beautiful result. Which is not only more comfortable for the patient but should also be a cheaper solution.

White Implants philosophy

Inspired by the ‘biomimetic principle’ of Prof. Dr. Pascal Magne ( USA) and Prof. Dr. Urs Belser (CH), which favors mimicking the material characteristics of natural tooth and root substances, we have chosen glass fiber as the most suitable material for the abutment. The (relatively) more elastic glass fiber is more similar to dentin than the hard zirconia (or titanium). Combined with a zirconia implant, it creates a more biomechanical homogeneous unit that functions as a natural tooth-root complex. And finished with a porcelain crown, it perfectly resembles a natural situation.

Furthermore, the flexible yet strong glass fiber abutment also creates a ‘weakest link’; the abutment or zirconia-abutment connection (or the crown itself) are likely to fail before any implant failure. This assumption is clearly supported by our fatigue tests.

Because of the soft tissue level design, there is no cementation at bone level; the 3mm implant neck supports the gingiva, resulting in optimal long-lasting pink aesthetics.

Product information


The White Implants soft tissue level dental implants are currently available in three diameters (4mm, 5mm and 6mm) and one length of 13mm (excluding the implant neck). A shorter 10mm implant with these same diameters will be added soon.

Our implants are made of yttrium stabilized zirconia and manufactured with injection moulding technology. The surface is roughened to ensure optimal osseointegration. The implants have proven to be very strong, as supported by high ISO fatigue test results.

Below are some important details of our implant.

  • Smoothly curved neck

A distinctive feature of our implants is the smoothly curved neck, which matches with a specially designed external implant driver. This (patented) way of implant insertion implies less pressure on the implant neck (compared to the traditional way of inserting) and therefore allows higher insertion forces (max 50 Ncm recommended). Which will secure sufficient primary stability.

  • Petal form insertion hole

The implant has a petal form insertion hole for a secure, anti-rotational fixation of the abutment, which is cemented into the implant.

  • Sharp threads

Furthermore, the implant has been designed with sharp threads and a maximum thread height, also to secure a high primary stability.

  • Grooves for bone residues

Finally, the implant has special grooves for the bone residues.


The glass fiber abutments are used as an accessory to the soft-tissue level zirconia implant. The abutment can easily be modified like a normal crown preparation, for maximum aesthetic result.

Our current abutments are cemented into the implant. But we are also developing a screw-retained abutment. The prostheses will be cement retained to the abutment.

Healing Cap

In case the abutment cannot be placed immediately, a PEEK temporary healing cap should be used to cover the top of the implant. And to support single- or multiple provisional prostheses up to 180 days, after which a definitive prostheses should be inserted.

Surgical Kit

Our zirconia dental implants are to be placed with the specially designed White Implants surgical instruments, including a pilot drill, round drill and conical drills, taps, implant drivers and connectors for the manual torque wrench. Please refer to our Instructions for Use for more information.

The unique sterilization box is made of polypropylene and can be used to sterilize the instruments before use.

Pick-up Instrument

With a specially developed auxiliary insertion instrument or ‘pick-up instrument’, the implants can be taken out of their packaging and easily be placed into the bone.

Key advantages

  • No dark crown edges or dark shadows through the gums.

  • Minimally invasive replacement technique, especially in the aesthetic zone.

  • External driver design supporting high torque implant insertion (up to 50 Ncm).

  • Sufficient surface treatment to ensure a good osseointegration.

  • Microgap on soft tissue level.

  • Ideal implant for immediate single tooth replacement in the aesthetic zone.

  • Secure abutment fixation through anti-rotational petal formed insertion hole and large cementation surface.

  • A biocompatible non-corrosive implant.

  • Ability to modify the abutment like a conventional crown preparation.

  • Strong implant construction with high (ISO) fatigue test values.

  • Supported by 18 years of clinical evidence.

  • Treatment procedure also suitable for general practitioners.